Day 27

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 – day 27 (Grizzly Lake – Tolsona Lake (near Glennallen))

Distance: 86.6 miles (139.3 km); overall distance so far: 1,574.6 miles (2,534.1 km)
Average: 14.1 mph (22.8 kph)

Weather: 18°C – 28°C, mainly sunny, some clouds, light headwind for short time

If I managed to find the right way that day, I basically couldn’t get lost anymore (not that there seriously ever was any sort of issue with finding the route… maps is something that definitely was not necessary in order to find my way). But that day I got to the end of the so-called “Tok Cutoff” on Highway 1, went along the Richardson Highway 4 from Gatona Junction for approx. 10 miles till almost Glennallen, and got onto the last bit of my route, back on Highway 1, Glenn Highway (I think, Tok Cutoff is also part of the Glenn Highway, I think). Glenn Highway then went all the way to Anchorage.

And, believe it or not, I managed to find my way. Got to Gatona Junction without anything real spectacular to tell other than it was still beautiful to cycle along Wrangell-Saint Elias. And despite some headwind, I made it into Glennallen where I stocked up on food – and actually finally wanted to make a proper break to get some food and drink more than I did. But for whatever reason, maybe because this woman was talking to me, being impressed about my trip and telling me in a very excited way that her husband was working in Germany for years, I did not really do anything in Glennallen apart from quickly checking my emails in the library and getting back onto my bike. And I had to realize that even on the 27th day of my trip, on the 20th day on the bike, I managed to get dehydrated and suddenly felt kind of sick and dizzy. Great, I thought, 10 miles to go, and almost falling of the bike, that’s what I need now. But stopping for a while, eating and drinking, and I was ready for the last few miles to the place where I stopped for the day. One never stops learning apparently, even after such a long time cycling and thinking that one knows kind of everything now. I made sure that I drank a lot that evening – which I did… the plan of having an early night wouldn’t really work out… as mentioned before, I enjoyed reading till 3am.

Motto of the day: “You never stop learning.”

Calgary-Anchorage – 070703 day 27 – Grizzly Lake – Tolsona Lake Resort (near Glennallen)

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