In Anchorage!

I arrived! Friday, 2:30pm, after 30 days, 2,813.5 kilometres (or 1,748.2 miles), my tour has come to a successful end.

After my arrival, I was given 1.5 hours by my friends in order to get ready (i.e. shower and re-packing) – and we left for Denali National Park Friday afternoon for the weekend, hiking and enjoying beautiful nature. Since Sunday evening, we’re back in Anchorage – so I actually AM here now… and will use this week in order to catch up on sorting photos, answering emails… and at a certain point this week I’ll update this blog with all the stories and photos… just give me a little bit of time.

From Anchorage – and from a happy, healthy Martin!

2 thoughts on “In Anchorage!

  1. eric

    Congratulations, I am sure from reading your reports here that you had a great time. And my absolute respect for completing your journey successful with that little training before.



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