In and around Anchorage & rest of the summer

July 6, 2007 – July 24, 2007 – in and around Anchorage, and my return to Germany:

As my tour has come to an end, it’s time for a brief summary and outline of my plans from now onwards.


Now that I actually made it to Anchorage, I’ve got a few days left in Alaska that I can spend together with my friends here, with travelling around in Alaska a bit in order to get to know this great state a little further, and I will use the time to simply relax from a year in North America full of action and often being a bit too restless.

I will continue (try to, at least) uploading links to photos of my remaining time here in Alaska.

My cell phone provider continues to refuse providing me with reception – therefore I will not be available by phone until I am back in Germany. However, I will be able to go online a bit more regularly and check my emails. So, getting in touch with me by email is the way to go for the next 2 weeks.

Oh, and I can ensure you that I am doing perfectly fine over here: they do have Coldstone Creamery in Anchorage – so, my regular ice cream consumption is guaranteed… that’s probably the reason why I instinctively picked Anchorage as final destination 😉
When talking about ice cream, something else comes to my mind also which some people asked me before: did you I weight? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m sure I gained some weight because of some news muscles, and I did not get the impression that my little belly got any thinner (not that I would care, I have to say). And, how could I have lost weight? During the day I ate what I felt like I needed in regards to calories; but I got a lot of my calories from the not so healthy food such as plenty of chocolate like Mars bars (or Milky Ways, as they are called in the U.S. – finding that out was quite an adventure!). And when I got a chance to and had enough with me or was somewhere where I could buy stuff, I often at A LOT in the evenings (and that’s “a lot” for me, not the average “a lot”). Anyway, I guess that’s my answer to “Have you lost weight?”


And there is a bit of an update regarding my plans concerning the exact date of my return to Germany – I slightly changed my flight date – from July 28 to July 24, 2007. Simple reason: with my initial travel schedule I would have arrived at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, on Sunday, July 29 – that’s exactly the day when the so-called “Arber bike marathon” is going to take place. That is a fairly popular and famous bike race/marathon/challenge in my home area (the “Arber” being the highest mountain of the Bavarian forest) []. For years already, I thought about participating, however, I was either completely out of shape or not in Germany – and now that I finally am kind of well trained (hopefully enough), I really didn’t want to miss that chance. So I signed up for the marathon on two days ago… and out of 4 options I decided to go for the longest route. 250km, approx. 160 miles. Not really that I felt like necessarily doing a distance that I have never cycled in my life before, however, when I looked into the details of the routes, I had to realize that only the longest route actually goes completely up the mountain road – and you might have found out by now how it is with me and the mountains… I love cycling up on top of them.

Besides that, I’d love seeing as many of you guys in and around Bavaria (since my time in the U.S. “around” got pretty much re-defined into “everything that can be reached by car within 15 hours” 😉 ) while I am back home during the month of August and the first part of September. After that, Leeds and a one-year Masters course are calling me back onto the small island in the west of Europe.

Last but not least thank you for all your support during my trip. It’s been great to see how some of you helped me in making this dream come true… helped me in all sorts of different ways. No matter if it was motivating me with encouraging and critical statements (“I’m sure it can be done physically, but where will you find your food???” “Did you really think about this properly – there are no chips, no sweets, and especially no ice cream along the way?” “I hope that you won’t be eaten by wild animals when you broke down with a problem with the bike in the middle of nowhere.”), or if it was by bearing me talking about the tour and this trip being THE thing on my mind since March or April, or by providing me with “hands-on” support, or if it was simply following this blog and being a little interested in what I was doing there, it all helped, and it’s definitely time to say thank you for that, to all of you!! Dankeschön!!!

1 thought on “In and around Anchorage & rest of the summer

  1. Lynne

    Congratulations! What a great trip! I so wish that I could have made it out to visit you this past year, but it just wasn’t to happen. However, reading your post-Alaska plans, I see that Leeds is listed as a future destination…Does this mean we need to clear out the spare room for you?!



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